// For Financial Advisers //

The Centrepoint Alliance

Centrepoint Property Management is proud to offer a new service and source of income for financial service professionals. We call it the Centrepoint Alliance.

The aim of the Centrepoint Alliance is for us to work in tandem with you to align the residential property component of a client’s portfolio to their overall financial objectives.

Quite simply, all we know is property management, and managing the asset for its best return is our only priority. By introducing us to your clients, you are adding another function to your service offering – at no cost or extra work for you.

Unlike most property managers, who simply manage the property on a day-to-day basis, we view each property as an asset that should be leveraged for maximum yield. The key tool in this process is the Centrepoint Property Plan. This detailed report shows your clients how to maximise their rental income and the short- and long- term prospects for their property.

As well as offering your clients a unique way to increase their income, Centrepoint makes your life easier. We recognise your relationship as a trusted adviser to your client and work to your agenda as part of a team. We are happy to send you a copy of the Property Plan and each month’s rental statement, keeping you in the loop of each movement within the property portfolio.

Income source

We remunerate you generously for any clients that you put in touch with us that go on to employ us to manage their property.

We believe that by pooling our expertise with yours we can help you to offer an even better service to your clients. By joining the Centrepoint Alliance you will:

  • Gain expert property management advice for your business,
  • Improve your ongoing revenue capabilities
  • Align your client’s financial objectives.

Centrepoint Alliance remunerates professionals whilst keeping property management fees at a competitive 5.5% excluding GST.

To find out more about how joining the Centrepoint Alliance could help you provide a better service and improve your bottom line, contact us for more details.