// Tenant Faq //

How long will it take to process my application?

In most cases we will respond within 24 hours. If there is any delay we will update you daily on the progress of your application.

How do I pay my rent?

You have a choice of two methods:
  • Direct Debit – this is the preferred method - rent is automatically deducted from your account on an agreed date each month (providing that there are sufficient funds)
  • Internet banking – you can arrange automatic regular payments of rent.

What costs am I responsible for if I break my lease?

You would be responsible for any loss of rent to the owner, and for costs associated with the reletting of the property, including any advertising costs.

What do I do if repairs and maintenance is required?

It’s easy to arrange repairs or maintenance – simply contact us.

How much notice is required to move out?

If you intend to leave on your lease expiry date, then you are required to give at least two weeks notice. If you are on a continuation basis of your lease, then at least 3 weeks notice is required.