// Property Plan successes //

Here are some examples of situations where the Centrepoint Property Plan was able to improve rental yield.

Problem A four-bedroom house in Caringbah languished on the property market unrented for months. It was in an ideal location, but why was nobody interested in renting it?
Answer While the house was on the market the owner’s student daughter and some friends were living in it. As a result, it just didn’t look like a family home. Some bedrooms were in use as sitting rooms or studies and the garden had been neglected. Tidying up the house and garden, installing safety fencing around the pool and the verandah and limiting the ‘studenty’ decor such as posters made all the difference to the property.


Problem The owner of a two-bedroom apartment near the centre of Sydney was disappointed to discover that of the properties that were being rented in the same complex, hers was attaining the lowest rent. How could she change this?
Answer We advised, and helped, the owner to make a few simple changes. She installed a non-permanent planter box as a cost effective way of creating colour. To make the apartment feel more modern she replaced the plastic light switch covers with stainless steel powder coated covers and installed new light fittings. She also added comfort in the bathroom with a storage cabinet. All these changes made her apartment more attractive to tenants and allowed her to increase the rent.


Problem A property owner in Rozelle was struggling to achieve a high enough rent to make it worth his while renting out his property. He was thinking of selling.
Answer Our cash flow analysis revealed that the owner had taken out his mortgage several years before. Since then many new products had come on the market and we suspected that he might be able to reduce his interest rate costs by re-financing. We liaised with his financial planner and this led to his finding a loan that was better suited to his needs.